ZONING. It's like an apple a day.



5-20-5: 5 minutes of warm up, 20 minutes ZONING, 5 minutes cool down 4 times a week.


Blue-Yellow-Red: Blue is easy, Yellow is moderate, Red is hard effort.


Change-It-Up Every time the music or instructions change, you change your effort.

Programs & Products

ZONING is a health and fitness program with a companion line of complimentary products. The program follows three easy steps:

  1. Timing: 5 minutes-20 minutes-5 minutes.
  2. Variety: You need to change-it-up with different activities and different levels of effort (intensity).
  3. Effort: You will be moving in the Blue Zone for 5 minutes, the Yellow zone for 20 minutes and the Red zone for what is healthy for you.

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What is ZONING?

ZONING is about your most important muscle, your heart. ZONING is about getting fit, aerobically fit, in just 3 easy steps. ZONING is about the easy Blue zone, the moderate Yellow zone, and the hard Red Zone.
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Weight Loss with ZONING

If you are ready to lose some weight (or a lot of fat) there's no better way than to focus on fitness, to focus on ZONING. 30-minutes a day in the moderate Yellow zone with your BLINK heart watch and you are on your way to success. Watch the video»

ZONING Workouts

Walk, dance, skate, bike, move-fun, swim, indoor cycle, treadmill, water aerobics - ZONING is any activity that follows the 3 easy steps of ZONING fitness. Watch the video of the "Put on Your Blue Suede Shoe" workout.
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Taking ZONING Fitness on the Road with You

March 26, 2014

[caption id="attachment_399" align="alignright" width="288"]KK.png Visit 365fitt Website[/caption] Guest Blog by Kathy Kent, President, 365fitt Last year, I asked Sally Edwards, creator of the Blink heart rate monitor and the ZONING Fitness Program to join me for 365fitt Healthy Active Living Trip (for women only) to Captiva Island, Florida. My name is Kathy Kent, owner of 365fitt, a wellness company that promotes healthy active living with books, coaching, trips and events. The trip to Captiva Island, FL was pegged as my premier trip: world- class coaches, luxury accommodations, full chef services, all activities, and massage. What better way to take care of yourself than with a week in sunny Florida (in February, no less!), with a healthy dose of physical activity, healthy foods, and emotional bonding? Being physical is a mainstay of a 365fitt Healthy Active Living Trip. You can expect to sweat, stretch, strengthen, splash and have fun the whole time! When I asked Sally to join me, I wanted to include ZONING Fitness and demonstrate just how easy… Continue reading»


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