ZONING. It's like an apple a day.



5-20-5: 5 minutes of warm up, 20 minutes ZONING, 5 minutes cool down 4 times a week.


Blue-Yellow-Red: Blue is easy, Yellow is moderate, Red is hard effort.


Change-It-Up Every time the music or instructions change, you change your effort.

Programs & Products

ZONING is a health and fitness program with a companion line of complimentary products. The program follows three easy steps:

  1. Timing: 5 minutes-20 minutes-5 minutes.
  2. Variety: You need to change-it-up with different activities and different levels of effort (intensity).
  3. Effort: You will be moving in the Blue Zone for 5 minutes, the Yellow zone for 20 minutes and the Red zone for what is healthy for you.

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What is ZONING?

ZONING is a patented cardio-program developed by Sally Edwards, MBA, MA and certified Physical Educator, that uses colors and numbers to show you how hard (effort) that you are working out. Watch this video.
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Weight Loss with ZONING

If you are ready to lose some weight (or a lot of fat) there's no better way than to focus on fitness, to focus on ZONING. 30-minutes a day in the moderate Yellow zone with your BLINK heart watch and you are on your way to success. Watch the video»

ZONING Workouts

Walk, dance, skate, bike, move-fun, swim, indoor cycle, treadmill, water aerobics - ZONING is any activity that follows the 3 easy steps of ZONING fitness. Watch the video of the "Put on Your Blue Suede Shoe" workout.
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Calorie Formulas Just Are Not Accurate

August 21, 2014

If you are a calorie counter having a mobile device or exercise equipment that can help you to estimate your caloric expenditure might be useful. Such a tool that can determine how many calories burned during a workout or the day - might at first glance seem important. After all is it not true that what we measure gets done? And by counting calories we are measuring in hopes of getting an accurate enough count of the calories burned during the workout? [caption id="attachment_451" align="alignright" width="225"]Diana Magos, ZONING Fitness Spokesperson Diana Magos, ZONING Fitness Spokesperson[/caption] Yet there are so many different formulas today with no industry standard. This lack of agreement on a formula to estimate caloric expenditure that it makes most of them virtually useless. Why do they not make the calorie formulas accurate enough? In large part it is because of how the human body works. How it metabolizes fuels and how it burns calories. The formulas are based on population averages assuming that everyone of a certain age height and weight burns the same calories. It is like saying that everyone who wears size 8 shoes is the same height and weight. There are those who are six feet two inches tall that wear size 8 shoes and those who are five feet six inches tall who w… Continue reading»


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